Price and Specifications of the Honda Activa Electric Scooter

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Price and Specifications of the Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Honda Activa Electric Scooter: Honda Activa is India’s best-selling product, and the company is now releasing an electric version. Honda is discreetly developing an electric scooter to compete with the main EV brands, and the Honda Activa Electric is the company’s first electric scooter.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is working on a number of electric vehicle ideas, and with the Activa practically sold out in India, the electric version might see a lot of demand.

Because of the high demand for Honda Activa petrol scooters in India, the company is planning to debut Activa electric scooter variations soon.

Honda has stated that starting in the first half of 2022, it will use the Mobile Power Pack e (MPP e), a swappable battery system that may be used for a range of purposes.

Price of Honda Activa Electric two wheelers in India

In India, the price ranges from Rs. 1.10 to Rs. 1.20 lakhs (expected Price)

What are our expectations for the Activa Electric two wheelers?

To begin with, the price. Given that the Activa now sells for roughly Rs 80,000, customers interested in the electric variant would expect the price to be closer to that of the petrol variant, therefore we anticipate the business pricing the vehicle at around Rs. 1.10 to 1.20 lakhs (expected ex-showroom Price).

Honda Electric Scooter Range 

When we look at Honda Activa Petrol variations, we see a scooter in virtually every other home, and as a result, it is a vehicle that we Indians enjoy since it provides us a good feel, service, and trust.

As a result, we can anticipate the release of a Honda Electric scooter with a range of at least 150 kilometres, ensuring that we may travel anywhere with ease while also providing them with a huge range. It is not necessary to use batteries, which increases the cost. Yes, the Pro model may be available with a higher range.

What are your expectations and views regarding the Honda Electric Scooter? Please leave your thoughts in the section below.

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