Another Pure EV is ablaze! Epluto 7G e-scooter in Hyderabad catches fire

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Another Pure EV is ablaze! Epluto 7G e-scooter in Hyderabad catches fire

Electric scooter fires are still happening all across the country. An electric scooter has caught fire in Hyderabad, adding to the growing number of EV fires. This time around, Pure EV’s EPluto G7 electric scooter is making news because of a fire that broke out.

On Wednesday, May 11, a fire broke out on an electric scooter in Hyderabad. The incident was caught on camera by somebody who happened to be passing by. After that, this video went viral on social media. The police, on the other hand, said that no one was hurt as a result of the collision.

The LB Nagar police station has received a complaint from the scooter’s owner. At roughly Rs. 90,000, the victim claims to have purchased the EPluto G7 electric scooter.

A battery fire.

In his day job as a food delivery person, the owner of an electric scooter was tragically killed in a fire. He and a companion were on a road trip at the time of the event. The victim claims that his Pure EV electric scooter abruptly came to a halt while travelling. The battery compartment was smoking when he opened it to check. The scooter quickly caught fire and was reduced to cinders.

There was a recall of the scooters.

There are several electric two-wheeler producers in India whose cars are catching fire. A number of its electric scooters have been returned to the company for inquiry after a fire was allegedly started by one of them. Since the disaster, the company has recalled about 2,000 of its electric scooters. However, no official word has been made by the firm regarding the most recent fire in a scooter.

Two more electric two-wheeler manufacturers, Ola Electric and Okinawa Autotech, have recalled e-scooters due to EV fire incidents. The Center has requested an investigation into the cases in order to determine the cause of many EV fires.

Due to a battery explosion, a person was killed.

An electric scooter battery explosion occurred in Nizamabad district last month. This incident resulted in the death of an elderly man, aged 80. Three members of his family were harmed. An electric two-wheeler battery exploded while charging in Karimnagar district on May 8th, in another occurrence. However, no one was harmed in this situation.

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