Over 7,000 electric two-wheelers are being recalled by Ola, Okinawa, and Pure.

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Over 7,000 electric two-wheelers are being recalled by Ola, Okinawa, and Pure.

electric two-wheelers: The recalls have begun a week after the government requested electric vehicle manufacturers to return defective two-wheelers. The required mandate issued last week by India’s road transport and roads minister Nitin Gadkari reportedly led to the recall of approximately 7,000 e-two wheelers by Ola, Okinawa, and Pure.

As stated in his message, if any corporation is found to have been irresponsible in their practises, a severe penalty would be applied and all defective vehicles will be recalled as part of that process.

Okinawa stated last week that it will be recalling 3,215 of its Praise Pro electric scooters “to address any battery-related issues.” In Okinawa dealerships, the batteries will be “examined for loose connectors or any damage,” according to the business.

Following a “recent thermal incident” with its Praise Pro scooter, Honda said it will conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s components. This follows Okinawa’s announcement that 1,441 of its vehicles would be recalled for “extensive diagnostics across all battery systems, temperature systems and safety systems,” according to a statement made by Ola.

Recalling 2,000 units of Pure EV’s ETrance+ and EPluto 7G electric scooters, which have also been involved in fires. Boom Motors’ Boom Corbett 14 electric scooter in Vijaywada was the most recent to catch fire. The number of vehicles that will be subject to a recall is yet unclear, but Boom executives acknowledged it to TNN, according to the article. Approximately 25-30 electric two-wheelers from six different EV manufacturers have caught fire thus far.

According to EV marketers featured in the TNN study, one way this would happen is by a mandatory recall, and another is through market demand. Hero Electric, the market leader, has responded by declaring April as “Battery Safety Month” in order to raise awareness about battery safety and encourage customers to have their batteries inspected.

Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, said, “We have a structured car recall procedure that would kick in as soon as the threshold limitations are surpassed.”

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