Ola Electric Scooter Owner decided to do something crazy with his S1 PRO

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The Ola Electric Scooter Owner decided to do something crazy with his S1 PRO.

An Ola electric scooter was showcased with a donkey by one owner in Maharashtra – In another incident, people in Tamil Nadu doused it in gasoline and set it ablaze

In 2020, Ola will enter India’s electric two-wheeler market after purchasing Etergo BV, an electric scooter business formed in the Netherlands in 2014. A prototype of the Ola S1 pro, based on the company’s AppScooter, was unveiled at CES 2019 and the Automotive Brand Contest in Germany in 2018.

The Ola S1 Pro has a claimed driving range of 181 kilometres and is powered by a 3.97 kWh battery and a ‘Hyperdrive’ motor producing 8.5 kW and 58 Nm of torque. The scooter reaches a top speed of 115 kmph and a 0-60 kmph time of 5 seconds. Tyres on the S1 Pro are 110/70-R12.

It was set on fire by the owner of the Ola Electric Scooter.

In a new occurrence, the owner of S1 Pro, an electric scooter, set it ablaze, according to reports. The incident’s footage has gone popular on social media. Prithviraj was not impressed with the performance and range of the Ola electric scooter, according to Sun News.

As of three months ago, the delivery of Dr. Prithviraj’s child had been plagued by difficulties. Ola Electric had received numerous complaints from him regarding the same issue. In the course of their investigation, Ola customer service detected nothing amiss with the scooter. There is a claim that the range is shaky. Today, his scooter broke down after he had driven 44 kilometres. He was furious, so he doused his scooter in gasoline and set it ablaze. Ambur bypass route in Tamil Nadu was the scene of the tragedy.

Recall of Ola Electric Scooter

There have been numerous incidences in which electric scooters of various manufacturers have caused death and injury, and Ola Electric has declared that they will recall 1,441 units of their S1 Pro models. Those electric scooters that have been affected by this recall will receive a thorough inspection and any necessary repairs.

Ola’s electric scooters caught fire while parked in Pune last month, igniting a firestorm in the city. Upon preliminary inspection, Ola Electric has found no evidence that the battery or any other component of their scooters are defective. However, the business stated that a research into the cause of the scooter’s self-inflammation was still on, with a focus on the battery and heat management system.

Scooters to be analysed by experts

Ola Electric claims that the recalled scooters are all from the same batch as the aforementioned blaze, and they will all be subjected to a comprehensive diagnostic and health checkup. The corporation claims to have enlisted the help of experts in this sector to track down the cause of the blaze and promises to release the results of their investigations once they are complete. On social media, videos and images of the Ola S1 Pro exploding went viral. Owners were terrified. Putting the company’s Rs 2,400 crore investment in a scooter production in Tamil Nadu, India, under jeopardy in 2020.

However, problems with electric scooters have affected more than just Ola Electric. A total of 3,215 Okinawa Praise Pro electric scooters have been recalled to be serviced for potential battery problems. One person was killed and two others were injured when the battery of a Pure EV electric scooter detonated as it was being charged in Hyderabad last week. In order to inspect the batteries and chargers of the Etrance+ and EPluto 7G electric scooters, Pure EV recalled 2,000 of them. Electric vehicle makers have been cautioned by Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari that if they do not recall and thoroughly verify their vehicles in the wake of these tragedies, they will face legal action in full.

Production of Ola Electric Scooters is expected to rise much more.

Ola is India’s No. 2 electric scooter brand at the present time. Hero Electric was the first. More than 9,000 electric scooters were shipped by Ola in March 2022, according to FADA data. Ola has told the media that they are currently producing roughly 800 electric scooters every day. The total number of units produced has now crossed the 50 thousand mark.

In the next several months, production will rise to 2,000 scooters each day. The current annual output is 15 million units. Production can reach 1 crore units annually if everything is running smoothly. Currently, there is a lack of parts, which has a significant impact on output.

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